Welcome to the website of Ancient Remembrance and Katy Pavlis, LMT, located in Seattle, WA.

As of 09/2018, I am on an indefinite sabbatical.

If you are in need of ceremonial or intuitive support, please check my referrals page for an extended list of providers, or contact someone from the following referral list of practitioners who offer similar work:

  • Kjersti Sangrey; (206) 859-0906, kjersti@newliferhythm.com
    *shamanic healing, acupuncture, acutonics, craniosacral.

  • Lauren Morgan; laurelcrownhealing@gmail.com
    *dreamtending, herbalism, healing ceremonies, classes.

  • Phoenix Murphy; (206) 919-1640, phoenix@thealchemyofhealing.com
    *soul retrieval, soul retrieval integration, journeying.

  • Georgia Faye; (206) 313-8522, loverofmystery@gmail.com
    *shamanic healing, mentoring, and therapy.

  • Betsy Bergstrom; (206) 216-1198, info@betsybergstrom.com
    *shamanic healing, compassionate depossession, Seidr, classes.

  • Char Sundust; (206) 440-8886, sundustoracle@comcast.net
    *shamanic healing, mentoring, classes.

  • Deborah Frances Dancing Crow, ND; (971) 322-9626
    *shamanic healing, depossession, classes.

Disclaimer: Spiritual healing is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. Although these ceremonies can be deeply transformative, it is vitally important that clients also engage in supportive self-care practices. It is highly recommended that all clients receiving shamanic healing work are also under the care of a licensed mental health counselor and medical or naturopathic doctor.